Thursday, May 3, 2012

3 Days to Phase 1!!

Hey everyone!  We went out to Terrat Primary School today to meet with the teachers and headmaster of the school and finalize plans for this Sunday, International Permaculture Day.  Because of some early private donations we've received we are ready to build our first two keyhole gardens with the kids this weekend.  It's going to be a great day!  We will have two teams of 4 volunteers and 15 students, each building their own garden.  We won't just be building the gardens - Benson will be teaching the kids about the structure of the gardens, the importance of the utilization of compost to keep the soil full of nutrients and how to replicate the gardens at home.

Now for a shout out to some very important students back in the U.S.!

The 6th grade Bay Lane Middle School classes we featured yesterday are off to an amazing start.  The change is flowing in and after 2 days they have raised enough money to cover the cost of half of one garden!  Keep going, Bay Lane!!

Foxview Intermediate School in De Pere, WI is getting ready to kick off their fundraiser next Monday.  It will run for the entire week of May 7th and the students have challenged their teachers and staff in a Penny War for Dairy Queen Dilly Bars!  Some of the students even put together a PowerPoint presentation about the project to share with each of the homerooms and all of the faculty.  We are so impressed, students!!  Send us pictures once things get going next week and we'll post them on the blog, Facebook and website!

De Pere High School and the DPHS student council has also joined us in the Terrat School Lunch Project!  This weekend is their Spring Fling Dance and $1 from each of the tickets sold is going to Terrat.  We are blown away by your generosity!!  Thank you so much!  The Green Living Planet has also heard rumblings of a few sciences classes at DPHS doing a fundraiser, as well.  We'll keep you posted!
The keyhole gardens at Good Hope are doing great -
this is what we'll be building with the kids this weekend at Terrat!
I spied a little girl at Terrat trying to get water out of the spicket today.
The government only turns this water on a couple of hours each day.
Benson and the headmaster at Terrat - checking on 1 of the 183
trees we've planted at Terrat.  It has grown nearly a foot!

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  1. Amazing how quickly everything is growing. Say Hi to the headmaster, I hope his leg is getting better !!!