Monday, May 7, 2012

Garden #1 Complete!

I'm going to say it one more time: Thank you!!  Wow.  We are overwhelmed, excited and hopeful about the changes coming to Terrat Primary School because of supporters like you!  Look at our thermometer to the right - we are getting closer and closer to our project goal.  Don't give up on us now.  Get creative and come up with ways that you can help these kids build their school lunch program!

Yesterday, Sunday May 6, was International Permaculture Day and because of some early donations, we got to head out Terrat Primary School to being the school lunch project.  We built our first garden yesterday and the build was a huge success!  Yes, we thought we were going to build 2 gardens, but reality and our grand notions of what could be didn't quite match up as planned.  It didn't matter though.  We had a great day!  We had asked to have 30 kids show up on Sunday to help and by the end of the day we had over 85 excited students eager to learn and be a part of the build.  I had the chance to walk part of the way home with some of them and they can't wait to come back next weekend to build the next two gardens.  That's right - you heard me!  These students are counting down the days until they can get up early on a Saturday morning, get dirty, sweat a bit and build two more gardens!!  Pretty amazing stuff.

Here is a link to the video we put together from yesterday, as well as a few pics below:
YouTube Video: Terrat Keyhole Garden #1

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