Friday, May 11, 2012

Ready, set, build!

In just over 12 hours we'll be waking up here in Arusha and getting ready to go build gardens #2 and 3 at Terrat Primary School.  All of the supplies are ready and waiting for us and the kids can't wait to come back to build again!

We hope you all enjoyed our pictures and videos from last weekend's build.  The responses we got were so positive and encouraging!  It has been so much fun to keep you all posted on the progress.

Benson was out at the school this week, overseeing the delivery of supplies and the headmaster pulled him aside to ask him how he could ever say thank you for the support we've been able to give his school and students.  The smiles on the students' faces are thank you enough for us, but I could so easily relate to what the headmaster was trying to say.  Sometimes, thank you just doesn't seem to adequately express the gratitude one feels.  We feel the same way the headmaster did this week every time we share with you the progress of our project.

This truly is OUR project:  The Green Living Planet, Terrat Primary School, De Pere High School, Foxview Intermediate School, Bay Lane Middle School and all of the individual donors who have responded to a need a world away from their own.  We can't wait to get to work tomorrow and share with you how much more we have all accomplished together in the next few days!

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